Zitat (4)

Wenn man sich selbst als hilflos und machtlos versteht, wird man mit Gewissheit eine despotische Regierung schaffen, die einen beherrscht. Der weise Despot wird daher bestrebt sein, unter seinen Untertanen ein allgemeines Empfinden aufrechtzuerhalten, dass sie hilflos und unfähig seien.

Die Dosadi-Lektion: Ein Auswertungsversuch der Gowachin

(Frank HerbertDas Dosadi-Experiment)

Zitat (3)

The townspeople think Pearl’s evil because she lives off the roads. ‘No man will ever love a woman like you when you grow up,’ say the townspeople. ‘The roads are our civilization. They’re the order men have impressed on the chaos so that men’s lives can be safe and more secure and, thus, so that we all progress. Human life gets better and better.’

The roads are getting so super-paved and big and light and loaded with BIG MACS and HOWARD JOHNSONS that the only time people are forced into danger or reality is when they die. Death is the only reality we’ve got left in our nicey-nicey-clean-ice-cream-TV society so we’d better worship it. S & M sex. Punk rock. Don’t you know, you can step into the snow, the raging ocean and the freezing snow, you can step into danger…

anytime you please…

step into me…


— Kathy Acker, Blood and Guts in High School

Zitat (2)

In Hawthorne’s and our materialistic society the acquisition of money is the main goal ’cause money gives the power to make change stop, to make the universe die; so everything in the materialistic society is the opposite of what it really is. Good is bad. Crime is the only possible behaviour.

— Kathy Acker, Blood and Guts in High School